One of the worst questions i get asked is who are you.

Something about wording the complexity of myself makes me hell anxious.

I start by well I am a 24 year old ambitious young woman from the sunny southern town of Agadir. I am an enginner, mechanical engineer actually currently working at an aerospace company. Then I get this alarming note in my head is that it? Is that all I am ? That’s not all I am. And I carry on by saying how I do other things on the side : freelance work, blogging, working on starting my own thing someday …

I like a lot of things in life and choosing only one thing named the “one true passion” has always hunted me until I came into the conclusion that I am a “polymath”. Life is so interesting to cage ourselves into one single things.

Want to know more ?
Here are some little facts about me :

  • I am genetically a morning person. I discovered later on in life that I got it from my dad.
  • I am a converted coffee person who used to be an avid tea person until I stumbelled into the joy of clear caffinated neurones
  • I’ve switched carreer aspirations more that I can remember: doctor , politician ,writer, engineer, electronic music producer, marketing manager , designer ….
  • I am a cat person but I can get along with cute puppies and dogs.
  • I am a mix between an introvert and an extrovert. Sometimes I love being around friends and people and other times I am just screaming ‘leave me alone’
  • I hate answering the phone and phone calls ( I can here friends and family nodding at this) why can’t we just text ?
  • I am secretly (not anymore I guess) a nerd who loves scientifically deconstructing matters of the world while still enjoying letting out nonesense feelings of being.
  • I am a very visual person which explains my love for unique interiors and very well crafted design I’ve been told to take my blog seriously so many times since a lot of people actually enjoy it. Still trying to get over the imposter syndrom and be consistent with it.
  • I am sensitive to bulllshit and dogma and hope spreading a bit of consciousness and critical thinking through my words.
  • I am quite a good cook who used to be horrible at it.
  • I still think I might have a mexican or an italian gene from how much I love their food.
  • When I ran out of things to say about myself I start to drift into my favourite things in business or science. And I don’t want to bore with that

Still want to know more ? Email me at elghoulimane@gmail.com

Have a good read 🙂